Lehigh University

Hi! I'm Xiaowen.

I'm a PhD student in the Computer Science and Engineering department at Lehigh University. I work on Computer Vision and Deep Learning related research.


I started working in the WiNS Laboratory from Fall 2017 semester under the supervision of Dr. Mooi Choo Chuah. Before joining Lehigh University, I completed my M.S. degree in Electrical Computer Engineering at University of Illinois at Chicago.

Research Interests

  • Computer Vision

  • Deep Learning

  • Self Driving

  • Robotics


  • Ph.D. in Computer Science

    2017 - Expected 2021, Lehigh University

  • M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering

    2015 - 2017, University of Illinois at Chicago

  • Bachelor in Automation

    2012- 2016, Northeastern University (China)


  • Behavior Cloning for Self-Driving: Training a self-driving car to to learn from human driving behavior. [Blog] [Github]
  • K-Means Clustering with GUI: A Matlab program to visualize the K-Means Clustering process with GUI and animation. [Video]
  • Pedestrian Flow Simulator: A Matlab program to simulate the pedestrian flow of an enclosed area in Real-time animation. [Github]


  • Xin Li, Xiaowen Ying, Mooi Choo Chuah (2019). GRIP: Graph-based Interaction-aware Trajectory Prediction. 2019 IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference (ITSC). [PDF]
  • Xiaowen Ying, Xin Li, Mooi Choo Chuah (2018). LiveFace: A Multi-Task CNN for Fast Face-Authentication. 2018 IEEE International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA). [PDF]

About Me

My Chinese name is 英潇文(Ying, Xiaowen). If you are interested in how to pronounce “Xiaowen” like a Chinese speaker, you can click here to hear the audio. My friends in U.S. usually call me Shawn because it pronounces closely to my first name.

I’m a renaissance man with various interests. I like music and I’ve been playing piano for more than 15 years. I can play a little bit guitar as well. For fun, I sometimes compose my own music and share it to the internet. My works are mainly light music (New Age, Classical, etc.) but I still love listening to all kind of music.

I used to be the leader of the University Ballroom Dancing Group when I was an undergraduate student. Our dancing style was standard dancing and it was more competitively than socially. I also tried to learn some popular modern dance recently but I'm too busy as a Ph.D. student.