Machine Learning Note - Convex Optimization

11 November 2019

Introduction I’ve been taking an online Machine Learning class recently. This post is my note on convex optimization part.

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Training A Self-Driving Car to Learn from Human Driving Behavior

09 August 2018

I was enrolled in the Udacity Self-Driving Nanodegree starting from this summer, and this is my solution to the behavior cloning project in my Nanodegree courses. Comparing to other solution that could be found on the web, this solution is clean and simple, and the resulting model can drive the car perfectly on both tracks. The code and trained model of this project are available on [Github].

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Set Up A New Deep Learning Server

15 June 2018

Updates: I found that CUDA and cuDNN can be installed through Anaconda, and it has a lot of benifits (e.g install different versions of CUDA and cuDNN in different environment). So I ended up switching to this method and we don’t need to install them globally anymore.

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